The Bombino Bianco is a white berried vine variety, probably of Spanish origin, widely present in different areas of the Italian territory, despite not enjoying a good media coverage yet. It is particularly found in the Apulia region, in the provinces of Foggia, Bari and Bat, where it is used in the production of excellent white wines.

The presence of white Bombino is also consistent in the Basilicata, Campania, Lazio, Marche and Abruzzo regions. Thanks to its high productivity and great quality of the grapes, it is well rooted in some northern regions, like Emilia Romagna, where it is also called “Pagadebit” (pay debts), with the meaning of the good incomes that the winegrowers can obtain from its cultivation.
In some regions it is also blended with red berried vine varieties, to obtain red wines of a pale ruby red color, light and pleasant; or it is blended with other white berried vine varieties to get fresh and scented white wines.

In Apulia, instead, white Bombino is principally vinified as a single grape wine, giving rise to a wine of a pale yellow color, with a light and fresh, fruity and mineral taste.

It is also suitable to be used as a blended wine, to strengthen other week white wines, thanks to its structure and acidity; otherwise it is used to be blended with other aromatic or semi-aromatic vines, like Malvasia or Fiano, which improve its olfactory potentiality. (Terra Mie bianco, indeed, is obtained from a blend with aromatic Malvasia di Candia).

The White Bombino grape has an averagely compact, conical- or cylinder-shaped and sparse bunch. The berry, spherical shaped, is of medium size, with a consistent and thick skin, of green-yellow color with brown tips.

White Bombino grows best on hilly soils, which are dry, light, siliceous, calcareous and with good exposure.

It is sensitive to the rain which falls during flowering, due to which the flowers can fall off and it is also susceptible to mildew.

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