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Our Philosophy

The commitment to Quality
in every Detail

Sacco Winegrowers watch over the vineyards throughout the year, while the winemaker carefully checks all the phases of the delicate wine making process. Starting from the pruning in the early winter months, we pursue the growth of the vine, according to its natural cycle. So, the excellence is realized in every point of the wine production chain, from the vineyard to the table.

Our Identity

Sacco Winegrowers:
Tradition and Innovation

Vincenzo Sacco has always strived to keep the typicality of the wine
by respecting the original and authentic character, without affecting its pecularities with sophisticated techniques.
This belief has guided Matteo and Alessadro since the early days of their arrival in the farm, by integrating at the same time innovative, non-invasive, techniques fruit of the new experience and their close attention to details.
Indigenous, a choice!

Magis, expression
of Nero di Troia

A grape of a great story, versatile with great potential, that we have chosen to vinify as mono-varietal to let you discover its unmistakable expression.


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You can enjoy a multisensorial experience, which immerse you into scents and colors of our land, by reliving the path with which we obtain our wines… until you arrived to the inebriating moment of the tasting.

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