Extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold pressing
of organic Peranzana variety olives

Extravirgin olive oil:
an exciting path...

Follow, day by day, the growth of the plant, look after its development according to its natural cycle, collect yields of work lasted one year and get precious extravirgin olive oil is for us an exciting path, ingrained for generations in our family history.

Path that is renewed every year, that we like to tell to relive the same sensations of awe and wonder which are around us and in our mouth.


VARIETY: Monocultivar Peranzana

INGREDIENTS: Obtained from 100% organic Peranzanza variety olives

ALTITUDE: 169 mt. Above sea level


STORAGE: Away from light sources, in a dry environment, at a controlled and constant temperature, in stainless steel tanks to prevent oxidation.

PROCESSING: Cold pressing within 4 hours from collection

SENTORY PROFILE: Fruity oil, with hints of cut grass. The palate is full and intense, with herbal scents of artichoke, almonds and tomato leaves.
Long and persistent finish.

COLOR: Green


EXPIRY: 18 months after bottling


Peranzana variety

Peranzana is an Apulian olive variety, widespread in the northern area of the region (so-called Apulian Tableland), in province of Foggia, among the cities of Torremaggiore, San Severo and San Paolo di Civitate.

It is an ancient olive variety and it has French origins, more precisely from Provence, from which the name “Provenzale”, then turned in the local dialect “Peranzana”.
It was introduced about in 1700 in the land of Apulian Tableland by Raimondo De Sangro, descending from a noble family or French origins, at that time Prince of the cities of San Severo e Torremaggiore.
Raimondo De Sangro, coming back from Provence, where he often stayed for family reasons, decided to plant in his own territory of San Severo, San Paolo di Civitate and Torremaggiore some olive plants, that he had known in France and that he had particularly appreciated for the vigor and quality of the fruits.
These plants, thanks to the ideal climate of this area of north Apulia, found their perfect location to grow.

A century later, Peranzana olive variety, planted by De Sangro family, gained idespread use. They were planted and grafted many new olive groves, until arriving to the actual 6.500 Ha in total.

Peranzana tree has a medium structure, truncated cone-shaped inverted, with a good vigor. The fruit has interesting polyphenolic properties, it is of medium size and it has a high pulp/stone ratio, characteristic that makes it suitable to a double use: as a succulent table olive and as a precious raw material for finest extravirgin olive oil.

The yield, expressed in liters of oil per quintal of olives, in not very high (about 10-15 liters).
The oil obtained is of highest quality: it has a green color and a very low acidity. The taste is very well balanced, with intense and wrapping fruity, herbaceous hints, of almonds, artichoke and tomato leave. Compared to other varieties, the Peranzana oil has a high chlorophyll and carotene content, elements that keep the rancidity away.

169 ALTITUDE a.s.l.

of a royal olive

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