Our success is in our History

In this company nothing is taken for granted, everything was studied in minute detail, throughout the process we took the time that was needed and we will continue to do this in the future, since we believe that time and passion are the essence of the result.

The Sacco company all started from a farsighted man: Vincenzo Sacco

His dream is to give an identity to wines of his land which were not properly enhanced yet. In the town of Torremaggiore he is a pioneer, he guesses the high value of his native territory, exploring its treasures hidden among the people and among town traditions. A wonderful idea had begun to take shape, that is to buy land which is suitable for the cultivation of grapes and convert all of them to the rules of the organic farming.

Look to the future
the Sacco Family’s dream

In the coming years Vincenzo invested in the education of his children Matteo and Alessandro. The first studied enology in San Michele all’Adige Agricultural Institute, one of the best Italian agricultural institutes, and then he specialised in some of the best Italian cellars in Tuscany, Trentino and Apulia.
The latter, instead, started studying Economy and Management and then he gained some work experience abroad.
It took a dream, the time, a strong motivation and determination to make everything real.
After about 10 years of hard work, the first bottle was produced. In 2015 the new cellar was opened, created precisely to reflect the new company image and idea.


Authentic wines,
which are a reflection of our land

With no limits to their excitement and passion, nowadays, the company is run by Matteo, who became a winemaker, and by Alessandro sales director. These 2 men have the goal to take the road less travelled and to stand out from other competitors, by producing only authentic wines in order to allow the whole world to discover and appreciate the real taste of their land.
Our Collection

Every bottle a story,
every sip an emotion

Apulian Winegrowers

Our Philosophy

Our wish to let you taste our land and the search of quality in every detail nurture our passion to give you emotions
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